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The Tingler The Tingler  
Would you pay $20 for a head rake?

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Your Vote:

What is going on with the human race?
Has it really come to this?

$20 for a glorified garden hand rake that you use to prod your head?

How about just snuggle your noggin up against the nearest street cleaner as it drives by? You can use the $20 to check in to your local insane asylum instead!

Marketing Copy:

The Tingler is a copper conduit of healing energy. It softly massages acupressure points and sensitive nerve endings causing a heightened, blissful activation of the senses, awakening your brain while relaxing your whole being. Lots of folks say their headaches disappear. All we know is that it's the most divine, relaxing, goosebumpy, erotic, friend-making, healing, happy Head Massager ever made.

Saturday, December 23, 10:29 2006 GMT

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