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Surprise?"It's just what I've always wanted—how nice."

What else can you say when your friend or loved one has wasted so much of his or her time buying you that ugly tie, foot spa, ice cream maker, battery-powered Tingly-Tronic™ vibra-massager, or two-inch, Santa-themed lemon chiffon ceramic butter knife?

Long, long ago in ages now forgotten, people were moved to give gifts by their own honest desire to make someone happy. What on earth happened?

Buy Buy BuyNowadays, greedy businesses have stolen Christmas, Chanukah, and even birthdays, and twisted these traditions into an absurd, money-oriented guilt-fest where otherwise rational people feel obligated to buy "presents" for each other. Since most of us already have what we want or need, we end up getting shockingly useless stuff instead.

You will need one of these This website showcases the absolute worst of the worst. We invite you to check out our Recently Added Presents or our Hall of Shame—if you dare. All the useless, aggravating presents listed here were contributed by our readers. We encourage you to vote the absolute worst presents to the top of the list!

We also invite you to add more horrific presents to our list; your entry may even get voted into the Hall of Shame! It's free and completely anonymous (we don't even ask you for a name, login, email, or userid). We can all suffer together!

It is our sincere hope that this website will entertain you, but also inspire you and your friends or loved ones to form a Mutual Non-Insanity Pact for upcoming holidays or birthdays. Instead of wasting time running around malls making corporate executives richer, why not spend that time at home with your friends and loved ones, enjoying each other's company in the original spirit of giving?

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